Golfdom 2014 Early Order Program Guide

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Graphic: Golfdom Magazine

Maintaining a golf course is big business. No one knows that better than Golfdom’s readers. Being a superintendent isn’t just about growing grass. It’s about being a leader. It’s about being a manager. It’s about being a scientist. It’s about predicting future needs and market trends.

This is the time of the year when a superintendent can map his success for the next year. It’s October, so it’s time to consider Early Order Programs. No job is too small, no savings are too big. This is when a superintendent can look at the annual maintenance budget and work it, squeeze it, for every… last… drop.

In our ongoing effort to help our readers as much as possible, we proudly present our first ever Early Order Program Guide. In this section you’ll hear from a dozen superintendents on their keys to success and their biggest concerns when dealing with EOPs. You’ll also see how hundreds of our readers responded to our recent EOP survey. Finally, you’ll be informed by four of the biggest companies in the business — Syngenta, FMC, BASF and Quali-Pro, proud sponsors of this section — about what they offer to our readers, and how best to maximize your buying dollars.

In many parts of the country the golf season is winding down.

Preparations for a successful 2015? That already started.

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