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Cub Cadet product demos (Photo: Kelly Limpert)

That’s a wrap: Golfdom Summit recap, part 3

May 7, 2019 By
The 2018 Golfdom Summit was the largest ever, with 20 companies showing their wares to superintendents from around the country. The team at Golfdom at first was nervous about the larger group, but with some nimble planning, the challenge of ...

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Photo: Quali-Pro

Quali-Pro: Flex-Guard

May 3, 2019 By
Get Flua-mazing fungicide protection for your turf! Flex-Guard is a preventive contact fungicide for golf course use that provides control of multiple diseases, including dollar spot, brown patch and leaf spot. The active ingredient, Fluazinam, is the only turf fungicide ...

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Why the Pines CC relies on Quali-Pro’s Enclave for snow mold protection

April 24, 2019 By
[ SPONSORED CONTENT ] Starting off his career in the upper Midwest, Mike Bogroff has seen firsthand the the lasting effects of snow mold damage. Now in his role as superintendent at the Pines Country Club in Morgantown, W.Va., Bogroff ...

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Nimitz Pro G (Photo: Quali-Pro)

Quali-Pro: Nimitz Pro G

March 8, 2019 By
SIMPLY BETTER NEMATODE CONTROL. NIMITZ Pro G Nematicide saves time and money with a simple broadcast application method. The granules can easily be applied with rotary or drop spreaders at a rate of 60-120 pounds per acre, not exceeding 240 pounds ...

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GIS 2019 showcases top products

February 25, 2019 By
[ SPONSORED CONTENT ] At GIS 2019, superintendents discuss value of their partnerships with Quali-Pro and the products that make their courses look great. Hear from: Kelly Eilers of Brandon Golf Course in Brandon, South Dakota Garret Bodington of Sebonack ...

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Quali-Pro Academy (Logo: Quali-Pro)

Quali-Pro: Quali-Pro Academy

February 22, 2019 By
It’s time for Quali-Pro’s 2nd Annual Quali-Pro Academy! Learn what Quali-Pro solutions will combat pesky turf issues and identify the right solution (that won’t break the bank!) and earn $50! Join now at QualiProAcademy.com to set up your email and ...

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