19th Hole

Garrett Luck (Photo: Lou Ferraro, Park South Photography)

19th Hole: Garrett Luck

January 9, 2020 By
Garrett Luck CGCS // Hidden Glen at Bentdale Farms, Cedarburg, Wis. Garrett, what can I get you? My go-to, a Tanqueray and tonic. Tell me about your family. My wife, Ann, and I will celebrate seven years of marriage this ...

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John Gurke (Photo: Lou Ferraro, South Park Photography)

19th Hole: John Gurke

January 3, 2020 By
John Gurke CGCS, Aurora (Ill.) CC John, what are you having? I’m a bourbon guy … Knob Creek. How big is your family? We’re the definition of the nuclear family. Jen and I married two years ago. She has three ...

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E.J. Chea (Photo: Seth Jones)

19th Hole: E.J. Chea

December 20, 2019 By
E.J. Chea Superintendent // Pease Golf Course, Portsmouth, N.H. E.J., what can I get you? Maker’s Mark and Diet Coke, with a lime. Tell me about your family. My wife is Beth. Our son Graham is 8 and a half. ...

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(Photo: Lou Ferraro, South Park Photography)

19th Hole: Scott Schurman

October 28, 2019 By
Scott Schurman Superintendent // LaFortune Park GC, Tulsa, Okla. Scott, what can I get you? Water would be great, but I also like a good lager. Tell me about LaFortune Park. LaFortune Park GC was started in 1961 and is ...

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Kyle Johnson (Photo: Lou Ferraro, South park Photography)

19th Hole: Kyle Johnson

September 30, 2019 By
Kyle Johnson Superintendent // Carolina Country Club, Raleigh, N.C. What can I get you? You know me, Miller Lite. I’m classy that way. I’ve got good news for you, Kyle — the Underdogs calendar is back in 2020! That is ...

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(Photo: Lou Ferraro)

19th Hole: Jason Tharp

August 22, 2019 By
Jason Tharp Superintendent // Glen Arven CC, Thomasville, Ga. Jason, what can I get you? First, a soda water with a lime. After that? Any lager sounds good. So, tell me about your family. My wife, Bethany, and I have ...

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