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Color-marked annual bluegrass weevil aduts (Photo: Albrecht Koppenhofer)

Annual bluegrass weevil sampling methods

To accommodate superintendents' busy schedules, researchers lay out the best monitoring and sampling methods when it comes to the annual bluegrass weevil. ...

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Annual bluegrass weevil damage (Photo: Ben McGraw)

Experts’ Insights: Annual bluegrass weevil

October 2, 2020 By
Albrecht Koppenhöfer, Ph.D., and experts from Bayer, Syngenta, FMC Professional Solutions and Quali-Pro explain how to control the annual bluegrass weevil. ...

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ABW adult (Photo: Ben McGraw)

Update on the lesser of two weevils

Researchers allowed some damage from ABW larvae in creeping bentgrass fairways to see if it would reduce annual bluegrass cover throughout the season. ...

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Tropical signalgrass (Photo: FMC Professional Solutions)

Experts’ Insights: Tamping down tropical signalgrass

September 22, 2020 By
Brian Unruh, Ph.D., and experts from Syngenta, FMC Professional Solutions and Siteone explain how to identify and control tropical signalgrass. ...

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Here, researchers rate the plots for visible damage. (Photo: Doug Karcher, Ph.D.)

Putting green management impact on golf cleat damage

September 15, 2020 By and
Thom Nikolai, Ph.D., and Doug Karcher, Ph.D., take an in-depth look at putting green management impact on golf cleat damage. ...

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Golf shoes (Photo: Cole Thompson, Ph.D.)

Effect of golf shoe designs on putting greens

September 3, 2020 By
Cole Thompson, Ph.D., director of USGA Green Section, takes a look at the impact of golf shoe design and foot traffic on putting greens. ...

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