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Microdochium patch control alternatives Posted on 28 Jul 2020 in the Research categories.

Experts research rolling, the application of mineral oil, sulfur and potassium-phosphite to control Microdochium patch on Poa annua putting greens. Read more»

Trading one problem for another Posted on 17 Jul 2020 in the Featured & Research categories.

How a cultural practice for Microdochium patch control on annual bluegrass incidentally increased another disease later in the year. Read more»

Microdochium patch disease development Posted on 28 Mar 2019 in the Featured & Research categories.

Microdochium patch (Microdochium nivale) can severely damage annual bluegrass turf when it’s cool and wet for long periods. This disease has been controlled with fungicides, but applications of urea to Read more»

Rolling plus biological control of Microdochium patch Posted on 18 Jul 2017 in the Research categories.

Microdochium patch (Microdochium nivale) is a major turfgrass disease in cool, humid regions that causes extensive damage to annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) putting greens in the absence of fungicides. Read more»