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Karl Danneberger, Ph.D., is a professor in the department of horticulture and crop science at The Ohio State University. He is author of the popular The Turf Doc column that appears monthly in Golfdom. Karl writes on topics ranging from Poa annua to pest control.

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Portugal and pesticides Posted on 17 Dec 2018 in the Columns & Current Issue categories.

I have traveled to Portugal numerous times to attend and speak at conferences and to play golf. Portugal is one of my favorite countries. It’s a relatively small country, with Read more»

November: Time to forget? Posted on 12 Nov 2018 in the Columns categories.

November is a unique month because we have forgotten most of what happened the previous year. Martha Gellhorn, the famous war correspondent and one of the wives of Ernest Hemingway, Read more»

Seeds are money Posted on 15 Oct 2018 in the Columns categories.

Seeds are a turfgrass management topic often taken for granted. We spend considerable time and effort researching the best cultivars or varieties to use on golf courses, but we focus Read more»

Returning to summer camp Posted on 17 Sep 2018 in the Columns categories.

A colleague of mine, Pamela Sherratt, this year created and organized a week-long STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camp through The Ohio State University. Pam’s STEM summer camp focus Read more»

The PGA Championship’s future challenges Posted on 15 Aug 2018 in the Columns categories.

We’re all excited for this month’s 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis. Although the club is more than 100 years old, members in 1955 hired Robert Read more»

Internal workings Posted on 18 Jul 2018 in the Columns categories.

The goal of plant health is to provide healthy, vigorous turfgrass by managing resources like radiant energy, moisture, air and nutrients. These resources consumed by the plant are managed primarily Read more»