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Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC. The Triad Family Posted on 08 Feb 2023 in the Product of the Day categories.

For wall-to-wall post-emergent control of tough weeds, grasses and sedges, get the “Triadvantage.” Now with 5 proven formulations: Triad Select, Triad SFZ Select, Triad QC Select, Triad TZ Select, and Read more»

The Go-To Choice for Pythium Control from FMC® Posted on 07 Feb 2023 in the Product of the Day categories.

Sometimes the unlikely happens. Serata Fungicide brings an entirely new mode of action for the control of pythium diseases with picarbutrazox. With a new class of chemistry and a new Read more»

Nufarm: Anuew™ Plant Growth Regulator Posted on 06 Feb 2023 in the Product of the Day categories.

Anuew™ Plant Growth Regulator saves superintendents time with less mowing and fewer clippings while improving the overall playability of greens, tees and fairways. Labeled for cool and warm-season turf management, Read more»

The Andersons: Goosegrass/Crabgrass Control Posted on 02 Feb 2023 in the Product of the Day categories.

Goosegrass and crabgrass can spoil any turf surface, particularly in low-cut areas like greens, tees, and fairways. The best approach to prevent an infestation is an early-season application of The Read more»

There’s simply no other herbicide like Sublime™ Posted on 01 Feb 2023 in the Sponsored & Video categories.

Sublime™ is the first product on the market with this unique combination of active ingredients- mesotrione, triclopyr, and dicamba. Read more»

DryJect: Aeration Services Company Posted on 01 Feb 2023 in the Product of the Day categories.

DryJect uses a high-speed, water-based injection system to blast aeration holes through the root zone to fracture the soil. The vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes to the surface with high Read more»