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Fungicide evaluations for dollar spot control on golf courses

April 12, 2024 By and
Researchers from Purdue University share findings from a study evaluating fungicides for dollar spot control. ...

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Photo: Syngenta

Applications open for 2024 Syngenta Business Institute

April 3, 2024 By
Applications are open until Aug. 19 for this complimentary, competitive professional development program. ...

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Keeping up with the Jones: What’s your all-time golf highlight?

April 2, 2024 By
Seth Jones asks recent interviewees what their favorite golf highlight is and then flips the question on himself. ...

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Three women in the industry share how golf is getting more female-friendly

April 1, 2024 By
These powerful women in the industry agree that not only is golf hospitable to women, it’s also getting better everyday. ...

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What you can expect from the new partnership between Syngenta and Spiio

February 22, 2024 By and
Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones chats with Travis Roberson, digital platforms technical field manager for Syngenta, about the new collaboration between Syngenta and Spiio. ...

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Photo: Wizzie Brown

Experts share tips on how to keep fire ants under control

February 21, 2024 By
Supers must know the danger, to both them and their equipment, that fire ants present. ...

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