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Nufarm’s Anuew EZ liquid PGR formulation receives EPA registration

March 30, 2023 By
Nufarm will offer a demo program in June for superintendents to trial a half gallon of Anuew EZ and see the results on their own course. ...

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California EPA approves Nufarm’s Anuew PGR for use on bermudagrass fairways and roughs

February 21, 2023 By
The PGR from Nufarm launched in 2015 as a way for superintendents to improve the playability of fairways through growth suppression of their turfgrass. ...

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How surfactants influence PGR performance and turfgrass quality

Industry experts examine different PGRs, their site characteristics and how surfactants influence PGR performance and turfgrass quality. ...

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Photo: USGA

Tech solutions to limit PGR overspray on collars

June 7, 2022 By
Darin Bevard, senior director of championship agronomy for the USGA, talks PGRs and how to prevent them on the collars of your course. ...

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Turf MD: Why we need to remember the benefits of PGRs

May 10, 2022 By
Karl Danneberger, Ph.D., talks about the application and absorption characteristics of ingredients in plant growth regulators (PGRs). ...

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The impact of different PGR reapplication models on the turfgrass quality of a creeping bentgrass fairway mowed at 0.4 inch. (Photo by: William Kreuser, Ph.D.)

How to guide PGR applications by growing degree days

June 4, 2021 By
At the University of Nebraska, our lab has been creating models to predict the duration and performance of plant growth regulators (PGRs) using growing degree day (GDD) models. We have more than 570 different models specific to grass species, the ...

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