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Photo: Quali-Pro

Quali-Pro: 3-D Foam Post-Emergent Herbicide

April 15, 2024 By
3-D Foam Herbicide is the newest addition to the Quali-Pro portfolio. Quali-Pro is setting the standard for innovative and efficient weed control solutions. Designed with the busy, on-the-go turfgrass manager in mind, this powerful herbicide is a game-changer for maintaining ...

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Syngenta expands its label for Manuscript herbicide

April 13, 2023 By
Turf managers now have a new option for controlling ryegrass in Poa annua turf, as well as foxtails, ryegrass and barnyardgrass. ...

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RightLine expands turf portfolio with carfentrazone herbicide

March 27, 2023 By
The formulation is tank-mix compatible with most other pesticides and will be available in both 8-ounce and 64-ounce bottles. ...

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New herbicide from Rainbow Ecoscience offers residual control on fairways

March 23, 2023 By
The company's new herbicide Onmark offers golf course superintdendents control for a broad range of weeds, turf and sedges. ...

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Albaugh purchases glyphosate business from Corteva Agriscience

March 15, 2023 By
With Albaugh's purchase of Corteva's glyphosate business comes trade names, registrations, formulations, patents and more. ...

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Figure 1. (A) ‘Midlawn’ bermudagrass plots and (B) common bermudagrass plots on June 12, 2014 (252 days after application on Oct. 3, 2013) recovering from autumn applica- tions of glyphosate, fluazifop and mesotrione combinations. All other treatments containing glyphosate (not pictured) had a similar percentage of green cover as glyphosate plots and plots treated with fluazifop and mesotrione (not pictured) had a similar percentage of green bermudagrass cover as those treated only with fluazifop. (Photos: Jared Hoyle, Ph.D.)

Efficacy of late-season bermudagrass removal using herbicide combinations

October 31, 2022 By and
Researchers examine the efficacy of late-season bermudagrass removal using glyphosate, mesotrione and fluazifop herbicide combinations. ...

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