Syngenta expands its label for Manuscript herbicide

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Syngenta expanded its label for Manuscript herbicide for postemergent weed control on cool-season grasses on golf courses, lawns, sod farms and sports turf. The updated label features expanded state registrations in northern and Midwestern states and new uses for centipedegrass, fine fescue and Poa annua. Turf managers now have a new option for controlling ryegrass in Poa annua turf, as well as foxtails, ryegrass and barnyardgrass in native and low-maintenance fine fescue turf areas.

“With limited options for postemergent control of grassy weeds in Poa annua, turf managers will now have a solution with Manuscript,” said Stephanie Schwenke, market manager for turf at Syngenta.

Powered by the active ingredient, pinoxaden, Manuscript helped turf managers control persistent grassy weeds in warm-season turf species since first launching in 2018. It also includes a built-in, proprietary safener, which enables spot treatment rates for increased weed control.

“Controlling grassy weeds safely in desirable turf can be difficult, especially if preemergent herbicides weren’t applied or fail to provide acceptable control,” explained Matt Giese, technical services manager for turf at Syngenta. “We’ve been very happy with the trial results we’ve seen from Manuscript on cool-season grasses and are pleased to offer these expanded uses to our customers.”

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