Quali-Pro: T-NEX Plant Growth Regulator

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Photo: Quali-Pro

Photo: Quali-Pro

T-NEX Plant Growth Regulator
Keep it Short, Keep it Green!

Unleash the potential of your golf course with T-NEX, a cutting-edge micro-emulsion concentrate designed for the discerning golf course superintendent. Elevate the quality and stress tolerance of both warm- and cool-season turf grasses, ensuring a vibrant, well-maintained landscape that stands out.

Key Advantages:

  • Effortless Lawn Maintenance: T-NEX significantly reduces grass growth, translating to less time spent on mowing. Say goodbye to frequent mowing hassles and hello to a meticulously groomed golf course.
  • Precision Turf Boundaries: Minimize the need for tedious edging tasks along sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, driveways, flower beds, and more. T-NEX ensures sharp turf boundaries, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your golf course.
  • Enhanced Color and Structure: T-NEX promotes rich color, lateral stems, and robust root mass development, creating a visually stunning and healthy turf.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This powerful solution effortlessly mixes with water and seamlessly integrates with other pesticides and liquid fertilizers. Enjoy the convenience of a versatile product that complements your existing turf care regimen.

Make T-NEX an integral part of your turf management strategy. By reducing the need for frequent mowing and enhancing overall turf health, this powerhouse product allows you to focus on what truly matters – maintaining a happy and thriving golf course.

Transform your turf care routine with T-NEX!

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