Suprado™: Options for ABW Control you’ve never had before!

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Photo: Quali-Pro

Photo: Quali-Pro

Houston, Texas – Suprado Insecticide is a brand-new class of chemistry to fight against annual bluegrass weevils (ABW). It is powered by Novaluron, available for use in turf for the first time. This introduces a new mode of action (IRAC Group 15) to the market as a valuable rotation option in the fight against insecticide resistance.

Timing Options

Suprado timing is versatile. As shown in the graphic, ABW Life Cycle, first, Suprado provides excellent prevention of larvae by rendering congregating adults unable to reproduce successfully. Application at the adult peak migration stage is likely the best opportunity for exceptional prevention of damage.

Second, Suprado can also excel at controlling the post-hatch, smaller larval stages (1st – 3rd instar) that feed internally. Application at this stage allows Suprado the versatility to be a new rotational chemistry, reducing overreliance on a few chemical groups at the early and middle life stages.

Best of all, Suprado gives you options for ABW Control you’ve never had before! Visit to learn more.

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