Quali-Pro: Suprado Conquers ABWs!

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Photo: Quali-Pro

Photo: Quali-Pro

Prepare for Spring with confidence against the annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) invasion on your golf course. ABWs have emerged as a significant threat across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions, turf managers face a crucial battle to safeguard their greens. Unlike adult ABW, it’s the first-generation larvae that wreak havoc by burrowing into turf crowns. Typically targeting Poa annua, these pests pose a serious threat to the pristine appearance and playability of your course.

With digital weevil trackers, GDD models, and natural indicators like forsythia, tracking ABW migration becomes seamless. However, when it comes to effective control, nothing beats Quali-Pro’s Suprado. Offering unparalleled flexibility in application timing, Suprado ensures you hit the control window precisely. Trust in Quali-Pro’s expertise to equip you with the tools and solutions needed to defend your turf against ABW infestations. As you gear up for the Spring rush, fortify your turf with Suprado and stay ahead of the game.

Visit us at Suprado.com to learn more.

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