Quali-Pro: Enclave

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Photo: Quali-Pro

Photo: Quali-Pro

The Key to A Successful Fungicide Program

Quali-Pro Enclave is a broad-spectrum, long-lasting fungicide ideal for fall applications to prevent snow mold in northern regions and spring dead spot in southern bermudagrass. It’s also a great foundation product in building preventive programs aimed at dollar spot, anthracnose, and other diseases. Enclave is the first turfgrass fungicide to combine four active ingredients: Chlorothalonil, Iprodione, Thiophanate-methyl, and Tebuconazole.

These ingredients, with distinct modes of action (FRAC Codes M5, 2, 1, and 3), offer multiple advantages:

–           No need for tank mixing

–           Fewer products to order and apply

–           Immediate and extended protection

For more information about Enclave and other Quali-Pro products, visit Quali-Pro.com

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