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Performance Nutrition launches new phosphite fertilizer

By |  September 25, 2018 0 Comments
Photo: Performance Nutrition

Photo: Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem, introduced Prudent 40Plus, a highly concentrated phosphite fertilizer fortified with 17 free L-amino acids.

“Prudent 40Plus combines the benefits of prudent urea phosphite fertilizer with the stress-fighting characteristics of pennamin amino acids pre-blended in the right ratio for maximum performance in one convenient jug,” said Don Pucillo, general manager of Performance Nutrition. “It makes the job of turf managers a little easier.”

It’s formulated with urea phosphite and pennamin amino acids, which are immediately plant-available, and features a lower usage rate than other common potassium phosphite fertilizers, Performance Nutrition said.

Additionally, the PO3 stays stable in the jug due to its lower water content.

According to the company, other features of Prudent 40Plus include:

  • Mixes easily in tank as it’s compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Increases the integrity of plant cell walls;
  • Aids in the absorption and transportation of micronutrients;
  • Increases chlorophyll synthesis and concentration for improved light energy absorption;
  • Activates the synthesis of plant hormones and other organic compounds in the plant;
  • Helps improve plant pollen fertility and increases pollen germination; and
  • Improves seedling growth and plant vigor.

Application on turfgrass and ornamentals calls for 0.75-2.0 ounce/1000 foot2 (1-4 quarts per acre). If using less than 20 gallons of spray solution per acre, do not exceed 1 ounce of Prudent 40Plus per gallon of solution.

For ornamentals, begin applications in the spring and apply every seven to 21 days throughout the growing season and spray in the early mornings or late afternoons. For turfgrass, begin applications in the spring and continue on a seven- to 14-day schedule throughout the growing season.

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