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Figure 1. (A) ‘Midlawn’ bermudagrass plots and (B) common bermudagrass plots on June 12, 2014 (252 days after application on Oct. 3, 2013) recovering from autumn applica- tions of glyphosate, fluazifop and mesotrione combinations. All other treatments containing glyphosate (not pictured) had a similar percentage of green cover as glyphosate plots and plots treated with fluazifop and mesotrione (not pictured) had a similar percentage of green bermudagrass cover as those treated only with fluazifop. (Photos: Jared Hoyle, Ph.D.)

Efficacy of late-season bermudagrass removal using herbicide combinations

By and   |  October 31, 2022
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FIGURE 1: (a) Silvery-thread moss growing in nontreated control plot at Hawks Nest Golf Course in Creston, Ohio, at four weeks after treatment (WAT); (b) Experimental plot area at Hawks Nest Golf Course at trial initiation; (c) Experimental plot area at Rutgers Horticultural Farm 2 in New Brunswick, N.J., at 12 WAT; (d) Collecting normalized difference vegetation index values at Hawks Nest Golf Course at four WAT. (Photos: Zane Raudenbush, Ph.D.)

Evaluating mid-winter applications of Quicksilver for silvery-thread moss

By   |  October 27, 2022
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Check plots — whether on the course or the research plot (like this one) — are an excellent tool to better understand your past, current and future snow mold pressure. (Photo: Paul Koch)

What the future looks like for snow mold management

By   |  October 6, 2022
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Fertilization needs of warm-season turfgrass irrigated with saline water

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Photo: Spectrum Technologies

The importance of soil moisture meter accuracy in saline soils

By   |  July 28, 2022
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DryJect: Aeration services company

By   |  December 1, 2022

DryJect uses a high-speed, water-based injection system to blast aeration holes through the root zone to fracture the soil. The vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes to the surface with high volumes of sand or amendment. This means you can relieve compaction, increase water infiltration, ...

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Overview of hole Nos. 4 (upper left) and 5 (right) at St. Johns Golf Club. (Photo: Patrick Price, Brew Media)

Course of the Week: St. Johns Golf Club reopening after major renovation project

By   |  November 17, 2022

Golf course architect Erik Larsen, ASGCA, and St. Johns County are nearing completion of renovation project at the St. Johns Golf Club in Elkton, Fla. ...

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