Who will it be? Part 3

By |  January 12, 2011

Here is part three of Golfdom’s possible candidates for the GCSAA CEO position. Click here for part one, scroll down for part 2.

The GCSAA is currently interviewing candidates in Kansas City.

It is absolutely possible that a new CEO of the association will be named this month.

Who will it be?
All week here at the Golfdom blog we’re throwing out guesses — some good, some OK and some just flat out bad — on who the next CEO of the GCSAA might be.

Agree, disagree, have your own candidate? Want to nominate yourself? The comments button is open, post yours!

Greg Norman, World Golf Hall of Famer
Odds: 87/1
Pros: C’mon, the guy is a Shark! Plus, the salary is irrelevant to him. Extra bonus, Norman’s star power would make him a keynote speaker on just about any agenda, getting GCSAA tons of found exposure.
Cons: Golf game might get rusty with winters in Lawrence, Kan.
Why it would work: OK, we’re not saying Norman wants the job of GCSAA CEO… we’re just saying that Norman wants to rule the world. Or at least, the golf world. If he ever had eyes on being commissioner of the PGA Tour, this might be a good first step, eh Sharky? Also, Norman already knows GCSAA well, having been heavily involved with the EIFG and winning the GCSAA’s Old Tom Morris Award in 2008. Wow… I’ve almost talked myself into this one!
Why it wouldn’t work: Well, there’s the whole playing schedule thing. And the different companies he’s already in charge of. Plus, GCSAA headquarters wasn’t built to code for a helicopter landing pad on its roof. OK, I talked myself back out of it.

Chuck Borman
, former executive director of the Carolinas GCSA, former COO of GCSAA, currently a consultant for the CGCSA
Odds: 100/1
Pros: Previous experience at GCSAA as the association’s Chief Operating Officer. Years of experience as the director of the Carolinas GCSA, the most successful chapter out there right now.
Cons: Already enjoying semi-retirement.
Why it would work: Borman has the connections as well as a proven track record as the leader of the Carolinas. He also has a lot of friends back at GCSAA.
Why it wouldn’t work: You know how the Minnesota Vikings had to send three players to Mississippi to get Brett Favre to come back last year? Well, it would take all remaining 80 GCSAA staff members to go to South Carolina to drag Borman back to Lawrence, Kan. Second, Borman’s already left the GCSAA once, GCSAA wouldn’t want to set itself up to be left again.

Steve Mona, CEO, World Golf Foundation
Odds: 250/1
Pros: GCSAA CEO during most of the association’s heyday (1993-2007).
Cons: Can you ever go home again?
Why it would work: Mona was a cherished asset at the association while he was there. If he pulled a Roy Williams-goes-back-to-Carolina (apologies for another Lawrence, Kan. reference) and returned to the association which made him a force in the golf industry when they really need him? His appreciation within the GCSAA membership would be off-the-charts! At least until the GCSAA dropped back-to-back games in Hawaii, fell out of the AP top 25, and then… wait, I’m talking about Roy Williams again, aren’t I? Sorry.
Why it wouldn’t work: Mona’s been there, done that. He’s looking forward, not backward.

Come back tomorrow for what is surely our single-best nominee yet!

And if you have your own opinion, maybe you think a different Tour golfer would be a better CEO? Post it below!

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2 Comments on "Who will it be? Part 3"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I think Borman’s left GCSAA twice already–and last time he appeared to have smartened upabout it.

    Mona’s not taking a pay cut to “save” GCSAA.

    Hell, Seth you’re more likely to be available than some of those folks.

    Teri Harris? Umm let me think about that… No!

    Why not Pat Jones? He says he ran the place by himself back in the day. And he is a Jayhawk.

  2. I’m sure Pat would appreciate your nomination but I would put him in the same category as you put T.Harris!

    Although I DO appreciate that Jayhawk pedigree!

    I did nominate myself… but I think I’ll probably wait until 2022. My quest for the best chicken fried steak should be complete by then!