Audubon International celebrates long-term milestones for 40 courses

By |  October 30, 2023 0 Comments

Audubon International – an environmentally focused non-profit organization offering certifications and conservation initiatives – recently honored 40 courses in the United States and abroad that have attained the milestone of being certified Audubon Certified Sanctuary Program for Golf members for 10, 20 and 30 years.

Every year, Audubon International recognizes member courses that reach these milestones, awarding plaques to those at the 30- and 20-year level and certificates to those at the 10-year level.

“These 40 honorees for 2023 continue an important, longstanding tradition at Audubon International,” said Christine Kane, CEO. “They also set a high bar for sustainability practices and stewardship culture that all our members strive to clear the moment they take on the ACSP challenge. Seeing these courses’ dedication in action with every passing year is truly inspiring and proof positive that we are helping golf facilities of all kinds lead the way to a more environmentally friendly industry, for the benefit of everyone.”

Two American courses reached the 30-year mark in 2023, including the Bay Course at Kapalua Resort in Lahaina, Hawaii, and Village Links of Glen Ellyn (Ill.)

Along with three courses in Canada and one in the Philippines, twenty-one American courses reached the 20-year milestone, including four in California, three in Florida, two in Massachusetts and North Carolina and one in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming.

Worldwide, 14 courses reached the 10-year milestone. Colorado led the way with three courses, while California, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee and Washington notched one each.

In 2023, Audubon added 20 U.S. courses to its program, including ones in Oregon and Maryland.

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