Underhill offers metal nozzles for water conservation

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Underhill International‘s Profile nozzles may replace OEM plastic nozzles that may be clogged or eroded after years of use. With solid brass construction and stainless steel outlets, Underhill says its Profile nozzles improve DU rates up to 85 percent or better, eliminating dry patches, donuts and overwatering.

“Profile nozzles have been installed at golf courses across the U.S. with verifiable results in improved DU, water savings and better turf health,” says Mark Faris, vice president of sales and marketing at Underhill.

A wide range of models are available for Toro and Rain Bird golf heads with 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch inlets. Replacement sets include full-circle, mid-range and close-in coverage.

In an effort to conserve water on golf courses, municipal water districts in California are offering rebates to courses that retrofit with Underhill Profile solid metal nozzles. These areas include: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County and southern Ventura County.

For information on the California metal nozzle rebate program, visit the Metropolitan Water District website at socalwatersmart.com or bewaterwise.com.

Underhill’s Profile nozzles have undergone testing by the Center for Irrigation Technology — California State University, Fresno. Underhill saus the two-year study, conducted at a series of courses, found that metal nozzles improved distribution uniformity and reduced water consumption in one season by an average of six percent, and up to 20 percent on some sites. They were also successful in preventing wind drift.

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