Turf Fuel Launches Mic Drop

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Photo: Target Specialty

Photo: Target Specialty

There are lots of good micronutrient products on the market today and on the
surface they may seem similar. Mic Drop is constructed with the best micronutrient
raw materials available and is differentiated with our brand new REACTION™

REACTION drives nutrients deep into plant tissues for a super quick
color response and increases nutrient mobility once inside the plant. The result is
better color that’s built to last. Better color means more chlorophyll and more
chlorophyll means more photosynthesis. REACTION is a combination of carbon
blended with a proprietary sugar complex. Above ground, REACTION helps to build
chlorophyll. Below ground, REACTION creates soil value by bolstering the
population of beneficial microorganisms. Mic Drop with its REACTION technology
had a chance to shine this past summer at UMASS in university trials with Dr.
Michelle DaCosta and has been a huge hit in Canada since its release on August
1st 2021.

Learn more at http://turffuel.com/nutrition/products/reserve/mic-drop/ 

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