Travelogue: Southern Indiana

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I was on the road twice last week, first a trip down south to Wichita to visit with some friends of the magazine, then a trip east to Southern Indiana for a visit with more friends of the magazine — the guys at Victoria National in Newburgh, Ind.

The guys are in the midst of hosting back-to-back tournaments, first the Big 10 men’s golf championship, then the Tour’s United Leasing Championship.

Upon getting to the maintenance building I texted a few of the guys and assistant superintendent Gerald Smith came out to give me a ride. My hunch was right — a 2.5 hour frost delay on the first round. Glad I took it easy on the wake-up call.

I got some photos of the guys at work before heading off to get some shots of play. Hopeful that a couple of those shots will be featured prominently in the next issue (cough-cough cover cough-cough.) We’ll see what Indomitable Pete Seltzer says.

After hanging out at the course for a while I bounced out of there to hang with my family, who joined me on the road trip. The plan was then to return to the course the next morning at 5:30 a.m. to get fairway mowing shots.

That night, Kyle Callahan made the All State Good Hands Play of the Day when he texted me, waving the white flag on my would-be morning photo shoot. His message went something like this: “Not mowing in the morning, forecast for rain. Tornadoes expected in the area tomorrow, you might want to get your family home early.”

That’s what I like to call “good lookin’ out” right there. So thanks to Kyle for being considerate and thinking of not only my oh-so-precious sleep, but more important, the safety of my family.

The forecast for rain was right, and it was a dismal morning — no photography would have been accomplished. So back to the road.

The drive back home was mostly uneventful, thankfully… some storms in the St. Louis area, but we didn’t see any twisters.

The course looked great. Wish I could have been there this week, for the, and had a chance to check out the educational sessions they’re having for volunteers… but alas, a travel conflict prevents that. (We’ll still get some coverage of those educational sessions, though — you know me.)

I plan on getting back out to the Vic, but this next time, it’ll be to play! Thanks again to the guys for the hospitality… good luck this week, I hope the weather cooperates!


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