Toro: GreensPro 1260

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Toro greens rollerToro recently introduced the new GreensPro® 1260 greens roller as a comprehensive upgrade to the trusted GreensPro 1240. The new GreenPro 1260 offers a number of enhancements focused on productivity, reliability and reduced maintenance. One of these key features is the split stainless steel smoothing rollers, which reduce the risk of scuffing during turns, and overlapping heads, which deliver a consistently playable surface with every pass. It also features a quick latch coupler with a 60-degree pivot handle to easily make the transition from roll to transport.

Simplifying routine maintenance efforts was a primary driver in the development of the new GreensPro 1260. In addition to reducing the number of grease points from four on the GreensPro 1240 to one on the 1260, the new model provides easy access to all vital components of the machine. The drain for the hydraulic oil, for example, is now located on the bottom of the machine to simplify fluid changes. Additionally, the drive system on the new model features a hydraulic drive motor that powers the traction roller. This significantly reduces maintenance associated with traditional chain and sprocket drive systems. All of these factors contribute to simplified maintenance efforts to help increase overall course productivity.

Additionally, the new GreensPro 1260 model offers a number of ergonomic benefits to the operator including a new bi-directional seat adjustment lever to easily adjust operating position, standard arm rests for increased comfort, and a rubber isolation mount to help minimize vibrations to the operator.

To watch the GreensPro 1260 video, please click here. For more information on the Toro GreensPro product line, please click here.

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