There’s simply no other herbicide like Sublime™

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[SPONSORED CONTENT] How is Sublime™ different than other products on the market? Sublime™ is the first product on the market with this unique combination of active ingredients- mesotrione, triclopyr, and dicamba. It is also the only product to use a HPPD inhibiting herbicide, which has a different mode of action, with other products. The only multi-active ingredient combo including mesotrione. Mesotrione and other HPPD inhibiting herbicides, however, often cause bleaching or white-discoloration symptoms. In trials, Sublime did not show the unsightly weed bleaching associated with other mesotrione herbicides.

Sublime is labeled for the control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses, including hard-to-manage broadleaf weed species such as ground ivy, wild violet, oxalis, and common lespedeza. The mesotrione component provides up to 28 days of residual control on a wide variety of weeds. Based on the wide spectrum of species controlled, Sublime™ stacks well against other products on the market.

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