The Golfdom Gallery: April 2015

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1. Team Tacoma
It was fun to catch up with some of the crew at Tacoma (Wash.) C&GC, which was featured in last month’s cover story on solid-tine aerification. (L to R) Bo Jentree, Richard Young, superintendent Joel Kachmarek and Tim Deshazer take time for a pic on a very firm No. 16 fairway.

2. Let’s do lunch
We were able to sneak in on the conversation between (L to R) Zac Reicher, Ph.D., Bayer Environmental Science, Tom Voigt, Ph.D., University of Illinois and Clark Throssell, Ph.D., Golfdom’s research editor. What did we learn? The location of the best cheese enchiladas on the Riverwalk.

3. A GIS tradition
Business as usual at the Smithco booth. In blue, Mark Casey, MTE Turf Equipment Solutions, accepts another sales champion award from (L to R) Smithco’s Bill Kenney, Don Smith and Emil Miller. Casey also won the award in 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2013.

4. Fry/Straka meet Pat/Seth
The Golfdom team (publisher Pat Roberts, far left, and editor-in-chief Seth Jones, far right) discussed national and international golf architecture with the Fry/Straka Global Golf Course Design team of Dana Fry (L) and Jason Straka (R). A story profiling their work at Erin Hills graces this month’s cover.

5. Old Tom makes a new Buddy
There was no need to call security (this time) at GCSAA headquarters in Lawrence, Kan. New Golfdom associate editor Grant “Buddy” Gannon was only there to take this quick photo with Old Tom Morris… and then Seth yelled “run!”

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Photos: Seth Jones (1, 5) / Ryan Bockmuller (2, 4) / Joelle Harms (3)
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