The Andersons: Humic Coated Ammonium Sulfate (HCAS™)

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Photo: The Andersons

Photo: The Andersons

Utilizing proprietary technology to produce clean, spherical, free-flowing granules bonded with potassium humate, HCAS (20-0-0-23S) is a versatile fertility product that can be used in many turfgrass, nursery, ornamental, or specialty crops applications. HCAS is an ideal nitrogen source for the cooler months of the spring growing season and is complementary to Humic Coated Urea (HCU®), an ideal humic-coated nitrogen source for the warmer months of the growing season. Providing nitrogen, sulfur, and humic acid, HCAS is offered in two formulations – a large-particle, spreadable granule for broadcast applications, and a small-particle, soluble granule for foliar fertility applications.

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