The Andersons: Genesis Rx Aerification Fertility

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Photo: The Andersons

Photo: The Andersons

Designed to simplify aerification and accelerate turfgrass recovery, the Genesis Rx line of blended fertilizers represents the most comprehensive fertilizers The Andersons has ever produced.

Genesis Rx 5-7-5 and Genesis Rx Zeolite+ 3-4-3 provide balanced NPK, secondary and micronutrients, and soil-enriching humic acid, all delivered with our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. This unmatched combination provides turfgrass with the nutrition needed for rapid recovery from aerification stress, along with sustained feeding.

Genesis Rx Zeolite+ 3-4-3 also includes zeolite granules and more than two dozen beneficial soil microorganisms, helping to raise CEC levels, amend soil, promote root growth, and improve nutrient availability.

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