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(Photos by: Michelle DaCosta)

Factors affecting the reestablishment of putting greens following winterkill

Researchers aim to evaluate factors affecting spring re-establishment of creeping bentgrass. ...

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The temperature was then increased to 75/68 degrees F for a week and afterward to 90/82 degrees F to encourage recovery. The regrowth based on shoot emergence was visually evaluated after five weeks using binary values (1 = alive, 0 = dead). A = Tahoma 31, B = OKC 1406, C = Tifway and D = OKC 1873. (Photo: Lakshmy Gopinath, Ph.D.)

How researchers are developing freeze-tolerant bermudagrass

Bermudagrass is the most commonly used warm-season turfgrass in the Transition Zone. While lt has excellent tolerance to heat and drought, it has low tolerance to freezing temperatures. ...

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Germinating creeping bent in the cold

As turf begins to green up in the spring (or not), superintendents need to quickly repair winterkill damage to putting greens to increase early-season revenue. The term winterkill is a catchall phrase describing several stresses, including damage from cold-weather desiccation, ...

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Does spring bring dread for you?

April 27, 2018 By
Spring brings with it many emotions. Although I am in need of a slowdown after a busy golf season in late December, I am ready to start growing grass by February. No matter what grass you grow or what region ...

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Winterkill in the crosshairs: Preparing greens for winter

June 23, 2014 By
By Sam Bauer, Brian Horgan, Ph.D. and Lindsey Hoffman, Ph.D. Editor’s note: This is the first of two articles by the authors on turf survival during winter. The 2013-2014 winter has gone down in the record books as one of ...

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Dr. John Kaminski discusses winterkill

March 25, 2014 By
John Kaminski, Ph.D., associate professor of turfgrass at Pennsylvania State University, discusses this season’s winterkill and explains his new mobile app, Turfpath. ...

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