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The value of a good assistant Posted on 04 Oct 2019 in the Columns categories.

Data shows senior assistants are staying longer at a single course, which means they are learning more, taking on more responsibility and proving to be an integral part of an Read more»

Think reinvention every year Posted on 07 May 2019 in the Columns categories.

They say that every now and then, you need to reinvent yourself. If you Google “reinvent yourself,” you come up with more than 18 million results. People often reevaluate themselves Read more»

Social media advice is far from perfect Posted on 12 Mar 2019 in the Columns categories.

Beware of #FakeNews, they tell us. Fake news is referenced almost every day in the political arena, but it also can be seen in the social media world of turfgrass. Read more»

The superintendent/architect relationship Posted on 12 Nov 2018 in the Columns categories.

Partnerships have the utmost importance in our business, whether it’s with our club managers, assistants, vendors, golfers or others. Partnerships make the good times fun and the bad times just Read more»

Does spring bring dread for you? Posted on 27 Apr 2018 in the Columns categories.

Spring brings with it many emotions. Although I am in need of a slowdown after a busy golf season in late December, I am ready to start growing grass by Read more»

The ongoing effort of retaining new golfers Posted on 01 Feb 2018 in the Columns & Featured categories.

Another year has come to a close, and my thoughts turn to winter projects, early-order programs and a little more time with the family. When things slow down, I also Read more»