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Factors affecting the reestablishment of putting greens following winterkill Posted on 06 Feb 2024 in the From the Magazine & Research categories.

Researchers aim to evaluate factors affecting spring re-establishment of creeping bentgrass. Read more»

Super Science: Looking back on 2021 Posted on 30 Dec 2021 in the Featured & From the Magazine & Research categories.

Take a look back at all of the best turfgrass research from some experts that has been published by Golfdom within the past year of 2021. Read more»

How fine fescues aid in crabgrass weed suppression Posted on 12 Oct 2021 in the Featured & From the Magazine & Research categories.

Experts take a look at how different fine fescue cultivars fare against suppressing crabgrass pressure on golf courses in Minnesota. Read more»

Germinating creeping bent in the cold Posted on 08 Nov 2019 in the Featured & Maintenance categories.

As turf begins to green up in the spring (or not), superintendents need to quickly repair winterkill damage to putting greens to increase early-season revenue. The term winterkill is a Read more»

Improvement of prairie junegrass as a low-input turfgrass Posted on 24 Sep 2014 in the Research categories.

As economic and environmental pressures mount on superintendents to reduce inputs on their courses, turfgrass breeders have been working on developing grasses that require fewer inputs but still perform at Read more»