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Photos by: MiGCSA (A); Jim Kerns, Ph.D., NC State University (b, c, d)

Why it’s critical to stay vigilant during Pythium season

July 24, 2023 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., shares some tips on how to monitor and treat Pythium disease, a common problem that affects golf courses worldwide. ...

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Both Keller and Johnson selected Dominant X-Treme creeping bentgrass for the fairways of Minikahda Club (photographed) and Minneapolis GC. (Photo: Turfco)

What makes a disease-resistant bentgrass popular?

April 26, 2023 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., examines the Biology, Etiology and Management of Dollar Spot in Turfgrass project from several golf industry researchers. ...

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Color-enhanced thermal image of plots on June 15 (A) and Aug. 31 (B). Percentages denote fractions of reference evapotranspiration replacement. (Photo: USGA)

How drones can help detect early drought stress in turf

December 6, 2022 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., examines advances in drones and thermal imaging that could help improve water management on the course. ...

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Photo: USGA

Tech solutions to limit PGR overspray on collars

June 7, 2022 By
Darin Bevard, senior director of championship agronomy for the USGA, talks PGRs and how to prevent them on the collars of your course. ...

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Adult female sting nematode (Photo: Bruce Martin)

Sting nematode distribution in putting green root zones

June 8, 2021 By
Jim Kerns, Ph.D., and his graduate student Glen Galle observed sting nematodes’ annual behavior to improve chemical application timing. ...

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The new Deacon tool to improve the golfer experience honors Deacon Palmer (left), the father of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. (Photo courtesy of The Palmer family)

Learn more about the benefits of Deacon

June 4, 2021 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., describes Deacon, a program to help make data-driven decisions on resource consumption, the pace of play or guidance for renovations. ...

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