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A closer look at dollar spot on bentgrass fairways

April 12, 2024 By
Kenna shares an overview of a study done by a UMD researcher who tested the way different fungicides manage dollar spot on Penncross creeping bentgrass. ...

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Photo courtesy of the USGA

Mike Kenna, Ph.D., shares the true value of USGA research

December 14, 2023 By
Kenna talks the USGA Green Section's efforts and more. ...

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Photo by: JamesReillyWilson / E+ / getty images

Mike Kenna, Ph.D., shares resources for water management on golf courses

October 23, 2023 By
The USGA Green Section Collection provides golf course superintendents with a wealth of information and practical tools. ...

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Photo: Nathan Waler, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, EPP-7665

Spring disappointment with spring dead spot

September 25, 2023 By
This fungal disease can lead to significant damage and economic losses on golf courses if uncontrolled. ...

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How a nitrogen source can reduce Michrodochium patch

August 18, 2023 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., shares Oregon State University's research on alternative methods to reduce Microdochium patch. ...

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Photos by: MiGCSA (A); Jim Kerns, Ph.D., NC State University (b, c, d)

Why it’s critical to stay vigilant during Pythium season

July 24, 2023 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., shares some tips on how to monitor and treat Pythium disease, a common problem that affects golf courses worldwide. ...

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