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Tag: Smithco

Keeping up with the Jones: It’s in your hands

June 15, 2020 By
In his June 2020 column, Golfdom Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones describes what it was like to compile the story celebrating Caddyshack's 40th anniversary. ...

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Dave Schlagetter (Photo: Tim Klein)

Living the Caddyshack dream

June 10, 2020 By
Golfdom celebrates the 40th anniversary of the 1980 comedy classic with Danny Noonan and (most of) the crew at Bushwood Country Club. ...

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Smithco offers no payment for 6 months on its products

May 18, 2020 By
To help support the golf industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Smithco is offering no payment for six months on any Smithco product. ...

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Smithco releases electric bunker rake

April 10, 2020 By
Smithco has introduced its Sand Star E electric-powered bunker rake. The Sand Star E is powered by a 48-volt continuous AC induction Mahle industrial-rated motor with peak torque of 83 N-m. Operators can travel from hole to hole at 10 ...

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Golfdom Summit 2019: A class of its own

February 18, 2020 By
Here’s to you, Golfdom Summit Class of 2019. You couldn’t hit Sipcam Agro’s 30-foot by 20-foot Coastal banner from 60 yards, but you sure did create the memories. There was class clown Tim Davis making bee-boop-bop noises while describing a ...

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Smithco unveils Star Command 5200 turf sprayer

November 22, 2019 By
Smithco’s new Star Command 5200 is a large dedicated self-contained turf sprayer, with a holding capacity of 520 gallons. The 520-gallon Star Command is capable of spraying 15 acres at 38 gallons per acre (.88 gpm) and 12 acres at ...

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