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Tag: goosegrass

Photo: Echelon

FMC: Echelon herbicide

October 14, 2015 By
Echelon by FMC delivers preemergence performance against sedges with two active ingredients. A single sedge tuber can produce more than 1,900 shoots, and if left untreated sedges can grow twice as fast as desirable turf. Echelon controls weeds from the foliage down ...

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FMC introduces new Solitare WSL herbicide formulation

June 17, 2015 By
\FMC has made available Solitare WSL, a new water soluble liquid herbicide formulation for control of more than 40 weeds. The new Solitare formulation contains a surfactant for faster plant penetration and will not settle out or separate when mixed ...

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Bayer: Specticle plus fertilizer

February 3, 2015 By
Bayer’s Specticle plus fertilizer delivers preemergent weed control, weed prevention and fertility in a new application. It simplifies warm-season turf maintenance for golf course superintendents and provides up to eight months of residual control at low use rates. One application ...

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Walking a mile in an intern’s shoes

June 25, 2014 By
Editor’s note: This is the second essay on preparing Pinehurst No. 2 for back-to-back Opens written by Carlos Sanes, one of the workers on the ground. When Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw completed the renovation of Pinehurst No. 2 they ...

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Heat up the tank: Include a spray mix for broader, faster weed control

November 5, 2013 By
As a university researcher and one who frequently makes agronomic recommendations, I’m often asked, “Dr. McCarty, what can I add to my spray mix to heat things up?” This can be translated to mean, “What can I add to my ...

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Controlling dinitroaniline resistant goosegrass in turf

November 5, 2013 By
Prodiamine is a dinitroaniline (DNA) herbicide that is widely used in turfgrass management for preemergence weed control. However, overuse of prodiamine has increased the spread and establishment of weeds resistant to DNA herbicides. Goosegrass is a particularly problematic weed that ...

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