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Foliar fertilizers and soil nutrient levels

Foliar fertilization is the application of a dilute solution of plant nutrients to foliage with the objective of nutrient uptake by leaves. Initial interest in foliar fertilization began in the 1990s over concern about picking up granular fertilizers during mowing ...

Healthy Grow Professional

July 15, 2016 By
Healthy Grow Professional fertilizers add organic matter to the soil and encourage microbial growth to help balance your soil as nature intended. Available in SGN sizes of 90 and 200, the easy-to spread granules are extremely low dust, distribute easily, ...
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The Golfdom Files: Controlling factors in successful fertilizer use

September 23, 2015 By
By H. Burton Musser If you look into the archives of Golfdom, some pretty heavy hitters have been published in the magazine. In the March 1955 edition, Penn State’s H. Burton Musser wrote on the topic of fertilizers. ¶ Musser ...
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Koch Agronomic Services: Duration CR fertilizer

December 9, 2014 By
Koch Agronomic Services, LLC’s Duration family of controlled release fertilizers features advanced, polymer-coated technology that reliably releases nitrogen, continually feeding turf for up to 180 days per application. Duration CR fertilizer eliminates plant stress and produces healthy, green turf that ...

Harrell’s, LLC to move warehouse and distribution facilities

April 22, 2011 By
Blended fertilizer producer and chemical and grass seed distributor Harrell’s, LLC announced this week it will move its warehouse and distribution facilities from Norway, S.C., to Charlotte, N.C., this summer. According to Matt Shook, Harrell’s vice president of sales and ...