Standard Golf moves into the fertilizer world

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Matt Pauli

Matt Pauli

Selling fertilizer was part opportunity and part necessity for Iowa-based Standard Golf. Golf course management trends — cleaner sight lines that eliminate ball washers and trash cans — might highlight natural beauty, but it’s a problem for a company that sells accessories.

“Accessories have kind of been attacked a little bit over the years in terms of some removal, so we thought ‘What could we do, what can we find that won’t have that same fate,’” said Matt Pauli, Standard Golf’s director of marketing.

And, while the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed rounds played to record levels, hygiene trends are working against shared equipment such as the bunker rakes Pauli’s company sells.

Late this summer, Standard Golf began marketing GreenActivator, a liquid fertilizer with humic and fulvic acids. Iowa-based producer AgLogic partnered with Standard Golf to tap into its distribution network and close connections to golf superintendents.

“Two employees, one for us and one for them, met at a John Deere tractor show, of all place. It’s Iowa,” Pauli said. “They were looking for a way to expand their product and get it out from only agriculture.”

Standard Golf tested the fertilizer on some courses and got good results, Pauli added. “Corn is a grass, it all comes from the same family.”

Most superintendents have used humic and fulvic acids, so Pauli said Standard Golf’s move into fertilizer will come with a familiar product. For now, the company doesn’t plan any more moves into the chemical space, but that could change if the right opportunity arises.

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