STEC: VGR TopChanger XP

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Photo: STEC

Photo: STEC

The VGR TopChanger XP is the most innovative and effective aeration system on the market with its one-pass, inject-and-play method. The TopChanger uses high-powered water injection to aerate the soil. When water is injected under high pressure it forces paths into the soil, fracturing the layers and creating aeration holes to allow oxygen into the soil. The soil then absorbs the water, allowing the TopChanger to aerate without leaving any surface disturbance. The aeration holes are immediately filled with sand or other soil-improving products, which helps the water infiltrate into the lower layer of the soil, leaving the top layer of the playing surface level and firm. This method eliminates compaction, reduces organic matter, and increases healthy root growth for long-term balanced and healthy soil.

Unlike competitors, the TopChanger XP expands your aeration capabilities, eliminates the need to use expensive, kiln-dried sand, and requires only two operators. When you own the machine, there’s no need to schedule service months or even years in advance. Surfaces can be aerated in almost any condition with minimal surface disturbance, less downtime, and labor savings! Interested in more information?

Visit to learn more about the TopChanger XP.

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