Soil Scout launches new multi-headed soil moisture sensor

By |  October 24, 2022 0 Comments
(Photo: Soil Scout)

(Photo: Soil Scout)

Soil Scout launched its new Dual Depth Sensor (DDS), which gives the Hydra sensor an additional sensing head interconnected with a cable.

“Many Soil Scout customers have special requirements or limitations for their underground soil monitoring needs, and most commonly the same issues emerge more often than others: Burying the sensor really deep reduces the above-ground range, and whilst that could be tackled by elevating the receiver antenna, in some places that’s not always possible,” Soil Scout Chief Science Officer, Johannes Tiusanen said.

The company says the master Hydra sensor handles all radio communication and can be buried in shallow ground to give an extended range. The second sensor collects data from deeper down in the same hole.

“Our customers have been asking for this kind of a product for some time now and we are very happy to finally make it available,” Jalmari Talola, CEO of Soil Scout, added. “Customers can now do vertical profiling to optimize their use of inputs and prevent fertilizer leaching.”

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