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Soil Scout launches new multi-headed soil moisture sensor

October 24, 2022 By
Soil Scout announced a new multi-headed soil moisture sensor, which gives the Soil Scout Hydra sensor an additional sensing head, interconnected with a cable. ...

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How to maximize your soil moisture sensors

July 19, 2022 By
To reap as many benefits from their soil moisture sensors as possible, Grady Miller, Ph.D., advises superintendents to utilize them frequently. ...

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Soil Scout integrates with GreenSight

May 27, 2021 By
Wireless underground soil monitoring solution Soil Scout launched its full integration package with autonomous aerial intelligence services GreenSight. ...

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Soil Scout releases new off-grid base station

February 16, 2021 By
Soil Scout, a wireless underground soil monitoring solution, released a new off-grid capable BST200 Base Station. The BST200 has been specifically designed to give golf and sports turf maintenance professionals an uninterrupted view of their grounds during the critical growing ...

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New venture combines drone and soil sensor technology

July 1, 2020 By
Soil Scout, a wireless underground soil monitoring solution, has announced a new equal distribution partnership with GreenSight, a leading provider of autonomous aerial intelligence services for golf courses. The technology partnership will give greenkeepers a real-time understanding of how to ...

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