SipCamRotam launches new pre- and postemergence herbicide

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sipcam-logoSipcamRotam launched of Lucto, a pre- and postemergence herbicide with the active ingredient Mesotrione. Lucto is labeled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in commercial and residential turf grasses.

Packaged in convenient tip-and-pour one quart containers, the product is designed to eliminate Bentgrass in some cool season turf grasses as well as control weeds at time of new seeding or turf renovation. Lucto is absorbed by weeds during emergence or through treated foliage and is active against a wide spectrum of tough-to-control broadleaf weeds as well as some weeds resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting and triazine herbicides. For additional weed control, Lucto can be combined with SipcamRotam’s Cavalcade prodiamine product.

“We’re excited to strengthen our already diverse herbicide portfolio in the T&O market with the Lucto product,” said George Furrer, vice president of specialty products at SipcamRotam. “The addition of Lucto means that our customers have even more options in controlling some of those tough weeds in their commercial and residential turf grasses.”

Lucto will be added to the family of SipcamRotam herbicides for the specialty products market which includes: Atrazine 4L, Atrazine 90DF, CavalcadePQ, Cavalcade 65WDG, Eject 4L, Rometsol,Dakota, Rowrunner ATO, Sim-Trol 4L, Sim-Trol 90DF and Topeka.

The company expects to have the product ready to ship by early spring of 2017.

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