SipcamRotam: ETQ Family of Products

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SipcamRotam’s Enhanced Turf Quality (ETQ®) technology blends proven active ingredients including chlorothalonil and tebuconazole with scientifically-based turf stress solutions to control disease while also protecting turf from UV light, heat and other stress factors. By shielding turf from sun and temperature extremes, ETQ technology strengthens plants internal resources, improving fungicide effectiveness. The result is comprehensive disease protection, unparalleled stress management and remarkable turf quality.

The ETQ Family of Fungicides includes:

  • Echo Dyad ETQ®
  • E-Scape ETQ® Turf Fungicide
  • E-Pro ETQ™ Turf Fungicide
  • Eclipse ETQ® Turf Fungicide
  • Sipcam Clearscape® ETQ Turf Fungicide

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