Rain Bird: CirrusPRO Irrigation Control System

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Photo: Rain Bird

Photo: Rain Bird

Total irrigation control in the palm of your hand is possible with CirrusPRO: It’s the advanced system that lets you control your irrigation from any internet-connected device. Whether it’s a desktop computer in the office, a tablet at home, or a smartphone in the field, you can make updates right from the system’s map and they happen in real time. And with Hybrid Control, you can select any type of field control system used at your golf course: Activate IC systems, satellite systems, decoder systems, or any combination of multiple systems.

CirrusPRO delivers:

More freedom

Access every system feature and all course data from any smart device without needing to download multiple apps. CirrusPRO is fully customizable, too.

Better data

You can use CirrusPRO to monitor real-time course conditions and weather data, plus make live changes without waiting for system updates to download.

Complete control

Water by seconds, ET, rotation, or application—with no need to manually calculate runtime based on precipitation rate. Make multiple station batch diagnostics and edits from the map, too.


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