Quali-Pro fungicide offers consistent results, studies show

By and |  July 22, 2013

Quali-Pro has announced that studies performed by researchers at four universities show that its ENCLAVE fungicide applied in conjunction with Foursome outperforms other fungicides and consistently improves disease control.

Golfers traditionally look for bentgrass putting surfaces because it provides a smooth, competitive putting green. But creeping bentgrass has high maintenance requirements and now that it’s summer – the busiest season for golfers – it is crucial for superintendents to maintain their greens with products that yield predictable results. Multiple trials from Michigan State University; North Carolina State University; University of Tennessee, Knoxville and University of Connecticut have found ENCLAVE fungicide provides broad-spectrum control that helps prevent most major diseases found in creeping bentgrass greens, according to the company.

“ENCLAVE’s synergistic formulation helps eliminate disease pathogens ranging from anthracnose to brown patch and dollar spot and will prevent diseases, both at the point of contact and systemically in the plant,” said Quali-Pro Technical Services Manager Jerry Corbett. “It is a pleasure working with so many universities to ensure we are giving our customers the products they have come to expect from Quali-Pro.”

The University of Connecticut study evaluated ENCLAVE tank-mixed with Quali-Pro’s Foursome spray pattern indicator and 30 other treatments for preventive dollar spot control specifically caused by Sclerotinia homoeocarpa in creeping bentgrass fairway turf.

North Carolina State Turfgrass pathologists tested ENCLAVE’s formulation for three years by applying it in a single application in snow mold trials to multiple applications on creeping bentgrass putting greens to control anthracnose, dollar spot and brown patch.

University of Tennessee researchers tested ENCLAVE with Foursome on overall disease control in creeping bentgrass.

Michigan State University researchers tested ENCLAVE specifically with crown rot anthracnose, dollar spot and brown patch in a summer stress decline test and a Poa annua study for creeping bentgrass.

View the results of the studies here.

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