Progressive Turf Equipment: Pro-Roll

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Photo: Progressive Turf Equipment

Photo: Progressive Turf Equipment

The Pro-Roll 10 or 15, featuring a 10’ or 15′ rolling width, is a highly versatile turf roller designed to cater to a variety of needs. This exceptional equipment is particularly effective in smoothing both flat and contoured turf surfaces. Notably, it offers additional benefits such as reducing disease pressure and enabling a reduction in mowing frequency and chemical usage. What sets the Pro-Roll 15 apart is its ability to achieve outstanding results without causing any harm to new growth or delicate turf.

Irrespective of the terrain profile, the Pro-Roll ensures consistent compaction due to its rollers’ independent tracking capabilities. This unique feature allows for exceptional performance even in areas with changing contours.

Solid ballast is easily added to or removed from each roller deck allowing even compaction across all rollers. An exclusive but essential feature permits sharper turns without the fear of scuffing and allows you to quickly exit a fairway when play approaches. Quickly and easily adjust Pro-Roll to changing conditions and desired results. Optional 4-way swivel hitch provides a wide range of towing options. Roller float is built into the Pro-Roll so the tow vehicle does not require a hydraulic float function.

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