Performance Nutrition redoes its soil program

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The curtain parted this week to reveal Performance Nutrition’s retooled Performance Soil Treatment (PST) program, which it says uses a proprietary product blend to do several things, including:

  • Enrich soil with organic compounds;
  • Improve soil structure and composition;
  • Nourish diverse microbial populations;
  • Improve nutrient use efficiency;
  • Unlock soil-bound nutrients;
  • Support the soil ecosystem;
  • Reduce bicarbonates; and
  • Flush sodium from the root zone.

Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem says the redone program helps superintendents struggling with stressed turf and heavy traffic wear by getting below the roots to the soil, fostering robust microbial activity, and adding “amino acids, enzymes, sugars and organic substances.”

Superintendents can combine the program with other Performance Nutrition products to address individual course needs.

For more information, you may reach the company at or @PerformanceFert.

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