Nufarm receives EPA registration for Traction fungicide

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Nufarm Americas has been granted federal EPA registration for Traction fungicide.

Based on the combination of FRAC 29 and FRAC 3 active ingredients, Fluazinam and Tebuconazole, Traction fungicide was developed as a new management tool for disease control and resistance management in cool- and warm-season golf course turf.

“This proprietary combination provides fast and exceptional disease control on a wide range of foliar diseases,” said Jason Fausey, Nufarm Turf & Ornamentals technical services director. “This product will be a real asset to golf courses especially in hot, humid, summertime conditions.”

Traction fungicide’s unique dual actives work on-contact and systemically within the plant to provide effective broad-spectrum control of 19 turf diseases and algal scum. It has been shown to provide strong performance against major golf course disease pressure from anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch and snow mold across field trials in various settings, the company said.

It can also be applied across all golf course settings, including fairways, tees and greens.

“The fact that Traction is an easy to use premix fungicide that can be applied in the summertime to any golf terrain means significant time savings for superintendents,” said Fausey. “We look forward to introducing and supporting Traction in the field.”

Traction fungicide will be offered in a premix formula.

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