New nitrogen tester shows promise

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A new nitrogen testing mechanism being tested at Merion Golf Club shows as much promise as a new Philly cheesesteak restaurant. It looks good — but needs some work.

That’s the word from superintendent Matt Shaffer, who has been testing the unit.

The hand-held tester is based on near-read spectrometer. It gives a Nitrogen reading in about four seconds.

The tester has a 3-inch disk and stands at about eight to 10 inches high. Think something along the size of a plastic Coke bottle, and you are not too far off.

The tester needs to be calibrated daily with a black and white piece of paper. One complaint Shaffer has is that the batteries do not last long. “It needs a wall charger,” he says.

“If they can do potash and calcium, too, it will really be something,” Shaffer says. The company is working on that. “The unit needs work but it has real potential.”

Shaffer will share more updates on this topic on and in Super Science enewsletter in the coming month.

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