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Modernizing golf turf with creeping bentgrass: decades of development

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Choosing the right partner

Choosing a company to produce and distribute Super Bents was critical because having a genetically enhanced bentgrass is only half of the equation. Without quality seed production, a very good variety may be compromised.

What good is a high-performing variety of bentgrass that may have weed and crop issues? Who wants seeds of Poa annua or Poa trivialis contaminating each pound of seed?

Knowing that low-quality seed offers no long-term savings,

I chose Seed Research of Oregon (now a DLF Pickseed brand). I wanted bentgrass varieties to have each pound of seed meticulously tested with precise standards that exceed all minimum industry guidelines.

⦁ Oregon State Certification Requirements for bentgrass

            ○ 0.25 gram examined, 2.5-gram noxious weed exam 

            ○ Seed Certification lab lot size up to 40,000 pounds

⦁ Seed Research/DLF Pickseed testing protocol adds

            ○ 5-gram crop and weed exam at an independent lab

            ○ Lot size 10,000-pound max.

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