Machine of Dreams: Turfco’s new Torrent 2 Debris Blower 
increases related productivity up to 50%

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Scott Kinkead, EVP of Blaine, Minn.-based Turfco.

Scott Kinkead, EVP of Blaine, Minn.-based Turfco, remembers well 1989’s classic film “Field of Dreams.” What’s resonating particularly strong with Kinkead this Golf Industry Show (GIS) is the flick’s famous line: “If you build it, they will come.”

Turfco took great care to build its latest debris blower, and the supers sure are coming. Turfco’s new Torrent 2 Debris Blower is hitting a homerun with GIS attendees — superintendents managing all types of golf courses across the country.

“Our Torrent 2 Debris Blower helps solve superintendents’ dire need to do more with less,” Kinkead says. “Torrent 2 is proven to boost maintenance crews’ debris-clearing productivity up to 50 percent.

“With Torrent 2, it can take just 6.5 hours to clear debris from 18 fairways,” Kinkead adds. “Other blowers can take 2.7 to 5.5 hours more per day to clear debris.”

Featuring Turfco’s patent-pending MagnaPoint Technology, Torrent 2 removes the guesswork long plaguing maintenance crews clearing debris from golf courses.

“Our exclusive MagnaPoint Technology allows maintenance crews to set the perfect nozzle angle every time,” Kinkead notes. “With other debris blowers, if an operator sets the angle just 15° too low, it can decrease the blower’s efficiency to 69 percent of the Torrent 2. If the nozzle angle is set 30° too low, it can decrease the blower’s efficiency to just 52 percent of the Torrent 2.”

Kinkead says Torrent 2 delivers unprecedented control over air speed and direction, noise management and fuel consumption. It comes with a wireless handheld remote control for nozzle direction, engine speed and engine stop, and has optional auxiliary manual controls for engine speed and nozzle management.

“Torrent 2 features the fastest 360° nozzle rotation available,” Kinkead says. “It also has a heavy-duty frame, rugged tongue and adjustable hitch, so it works well with most vehicles, and is built to last.

“From grass clippings to aeration cores, pine needles, leaves and more, Torrent 2 delivers significant time and fuel savings,” Kinkead adds. “Supers here agree: Torrent 2 truly is a ‘machine of dreams.’”

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