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steven_wright_TWe’ve all heard the term “15 minutes of fame,” and for well or ill, a lot of people are out doing their damnedest to achieve it. My idea of “15 minutes a day” won’t make you famous, but maybe it’ll make you a little more efficient and satisfied. There are hundreds of tasks you can accomplish in 15-minute increments. It just takes getting started.


Call someone important to you. Better yet, call three people and talk to each one for five minutes. It’s easy, uplifting for both of you, and might make a real difference in someone’s day.

Send a letter to someone. Remember the last time you received a personal letter? That’s what I thought ­­— it’s been a while. Everyone relies on social media or email instead of the written word. It’s still great to put something in the mail, especially not the junk mail!

OK, for crying out loud, if you have to, send an email. It’s better than nothing. Not all electronic communication is bad. I enjoy the email I get after sending a thank you note.

Spend time with a family member. I don’t need to mention how important this is, but do we do it often enough? Turn off the TV and put down the phone or other distractions for 15 minutes. Guys, I’m talking about some major bonus points here.

Take a walk by yourself, with your wife (refer to bonus points above), child or dog. Fifteen minutes a day of walking might not be enough for great health, but you’ll still feel better that you did it.

Pray. Any amount will do here.

Relax, decompress. Take a few minutes to do nothing. As they say, just “chill.”


Walk a hole instead of riding it. This will seem weird at first, but you’ll get used to it and like it. At least that’s what superintendents say who do it regularly.

Pull some weeds. You can make a huge difference by taking 15 minutes per day with a sharp knife. Taking the time to do this also removes the weed seed that creates more weeds. Also, buy knifes for key staff members. Divide up the task and spend a few minutes each day. I insist on it with my assistants. Try to set a good example and pull a full bucket.

Your staff also could use some increment of those 15 minutes. Five minutes here and there each day makes for some good rapport with your most important assets. When it comes to your mechanic, spend all 15 minutes with him.

Don’t forget the boss. Whomever the boss is at your club, communication with them is a key element to your success and to his or her success.

Raise an irrigation head. Start around greens, then move to tees. Maybe you do this, or maybe you assign it to be done. Either way, you’ll improve your irrigation efficiency tremendously. Do one or two a day, and in a month you’ll have made a big difference.

Putt or hit some chips. You say you never have time to practice or play. Yes you do, you work on a golf course.

Politicking is one of the hardest things to do. You have to put yourself out there with the members. They might ask questions or make comments. You’ve got this, you can handle it. Listening is the key. Look them in the eye. Practice with your peers at meetings. Brush up on technical terms if you need to. Lay it on thick (accurate and truthful), and they might get that deer-in-the-headlights look.

I know that to complete this number of tips you’ll need a couple of extra hours in a day. Get started by picking a couple. Mix it up, because some days will be better than others.

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